The OS Services Booking developer team are proud to announce the release of OS Services Booking 2.5.7. This is a eighth release for the 2.5.x series of OS Services Booking and addresses issues introduced in previous versions and introducing new features.

What's new in OS Services Booking 2.5.7

1. Add Group discount

From this version, OS Services Booking supports Group discount, it allows you to setup discount with users in specific Joomla user groups. You can read more details at documentation:

2. Add new email template: Customer cancel order

We add new email template "customer_cancel_order", this email will be sent to customer when they cancel their order.

3. Show number times using of specific coupon

4. Increase options of field: Step in minutes

From this version, we increase options of fields: Step in minutes, now, options of field: Step in minutes will be:


it is suitable with longer timelength services. To change value of field: Step in minutes, you can go to Back-end > OS Services Booking > Services Manager and open the Service for modification and you can change value for that field.

5. Add Custom CSS file

6. Issues fixed

  • GCalendar integration
  • OSBTable plugin
  • Paypal Pro & payment plugins TLS 1.2
  • Google reCaptcha
  • Stripe payment plugin
  • Service duplication function