The OS Services Booking developer team are proud to announce the release of OS Services Booking 2.5.6. This is a seventh release for the 2.5.x series of OS Services Booking and addresses issues introduced in previous versions and introducing new features.


What's new in OS Services Booking 2.5.6

1. Bootstrap 3 compatible

From this version, you can use OS Services Booking on Bootstrap 3 template without any problem, because OS Services Booking now supports both Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3.

To turn on Bootstrap 3 support in OS Services Booking, please go to OS Services Booking Configuration page, tab: General and select option: Bootstrap 3 in configure option: Bootstrap version

2. Fix Weekly recurring with Custom timeslots

In old OS Services Booking version, there is the issue with Weekly recurring booking on Custom timeslots, this issue is fixed in this version (2.5.6)

3. Show Service's cost including tax

From this version, you have configure option to show Service cost including tax instead of Service cost only.

4. Access level on Payment plugins

With each payment plugin, you can select Access level who can use the payment plugin at front-end. It is good in case, you only want users in some Joomla groups can use the payment plugin.

5. Showing Customer information in Employee works list layout

Employee will able to see Customer information in their work list layout at front-end.

6. Responsive layouts on Employee works list and Orders history layouts

7. Add customer information on GCalendar Event

From now, when custom places the order on your OS Services Booking system, the event on GCalendar will contain customer information in the Title instead of description as before.