The OS Services Booking developer team is proud to announce the release of OS Services Booking 2.4.8. This is the ninth version of series 2.4.x of the OS Services Booking extension.
If you are currently running an OS Services Booking release on a server with version smaller than, we encourage you to update to version 2.4.8.

What's in 2.4.8?
    1. Fix issue when select User when adding/modifying order at Back-end
    2. Add field Max seats allowed when selecting number custom timeslot
    3. Add Default option for Custom extra field: Select list
    4. Add option to pay Full amount (instead of Deposit amount) in Confirmation page
    5. Fix issue when adding more timeslots than avaialble timeslot
    6. Fix issue when adding custom timeslot into cart without entering number seats
    7. Add Configure option to show/hide Employee note and picture
    8. Add Configure option to hide the Calendar box from Checkout page
    9. Fix issue on Calendar box to allow full date button click
    10. Move Cart to bottom of page on tablet screen
    11. Custom timeslots batch import through CSV
    12. Auto Update OS Services Booking from Joomla Back-end