The OS Services Booking developer team is proud to announce the release of OS Services Booking 2.4.7. This is the eighth version of series 2.4.x of the OS Services Booking extension.
If you are currently running an OS Services Booking release on a server with version smaller than, we encourage you to update to version 2.4.7.

What's in 2.4.7?

1. Prevent user to make more than booking per date (logged in first)
2. Show User balances at front-end
3. Update Joomla User group for services
4. Add booking Progress bar
5. Add feature to Skip Login/ Register
6. Fix Venue issue (Disable Booking before)

Note: If you are using different language than English, once you upload component to 2.4.7, please go to Translation tool of component to translate some new messages or words from English.