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The OS Property developer team is proud to announce the release of OS Services Booking 2.2.2. This is a maintenance release for the all series of the OS Services Booking extension.

If you are currently running a OS Services Booking release on a server with version smaller than , we encourage you to update to version 2.2.2

What's in 2.2.2?

Thanks to the hard work of different volunteer contributors, some bugs have been resolved with the 2.2.2 release of the OS Services Booking, and we also add new features into this version

1. Venues and Employees layouts
In this version, we provide 2 new layouts. They are: Venues listing and Employees listing.

The Venues listing layout list all Available Venues, and the Employees listing all Available Employees in OS Services Booking system. Click on Venue or Employee in the list. You will go to Booking page.

 2. Flexible Custom Timeslots

From version 2.2.2, OS Services Booking has the flexible custom timeslots. Now, you are able to setup custom timeslots for different dates in a week. In old version, timeslots are the same for all dates in week.

3. Disable Calendar Buttons

From this version, you are able to setup to disable the date buttons on Top-Left Calendar of OS Services Booking with the date that having no employees to work

+ Add:  

- Categories layout


- Customer's time zone  

Version 2.2 (15th April 2014)
+ Add: - Layout Configuration: This function allows administrator to configure the style of headers, calendar buttons on OS Services Booking front-end.


Version 2.0 (31th August 2013)
+ Added: - Coupon feature
              - SSL
              - reCaptcha
              - Payment plugins: Eway, Worldpay, Sagepay
              - Report generation
              - Database optimize
(+) Improve:
             - Venue feature
             - Relation between Services and Employees
#Bugs fixed:
             - Time slots table

Version 1.5.1 (22nd June 2013)
# Bugs fixed:
    - Employee works list filter (by date from/to)
    - Time slots table : disable book before/after
    - Remove break time of employees at back-end of OSB

Version 1.5.0 (12th June 2013)

+ Added: - Responsive layout - Bootstrap twitter
              - Add booking requests from backend
              - Additional timezones
              - More configuration option, they will help you to optimize the booking table layouts.
# Bug fixed
    -  Error : Employee can work in multiple services in the same time

Version 1.4.1 (18th April 2013)
# Bugs fixed
    -  Venue dropdown list in employee modification (Backend)
      -  Modal view of Venue in booking page (Frontend)
    -  Update Czech language package

+ Added : - Venues management
               - Google Calendar integration
               - ClickAtell SMS integration
               - Ability to prevent customers to cancel order request before X hours
# Bugs fixed
    -  Date time format in order lists

On 28th February 2013, we released new version of OS Services Booking. This version can be worked well on Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x

OSB version 1.3 with new features


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